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Knit Wear Every Where

By bejealous bejealous 5 months ago 419 Views No comments

Our knit where is every where at the moment honey! We've got the best styles being added every week, and these are autumn hottest pieces right here, from cute knitted dressed to sweet little sweaters. So get right on over to our knit wear section to emulate the hottest celebrity and catwalk looks today! What this space for regualr updates and styles tips and see what we can offer you with a cheeky code here and there.. (FYI, THIS WEEKS HOTTEST CODE IS CHEEKY21!) Perfect for all your back to college and uni needs style babe!

Another Man, A New Man.

By bejealous bejealous 5 months ago 544 Views No comments

Can we all just stop to appreciate Harry Styles Another Man over night cover drop?! Not only that, but It had our jaws dropping left, right and centre. If you want to shake off the 1D vibes (although why ever would you, SOB?!) you work with a contemporary magazine like Another Man... and you look fiiine whist doing it. Shot by WILLY VANDERPERRE, ALASDAIR MCLELLAN, RYAN MCGINLEY x ALISTER MACKIE, the issue 23 covers by the biggest photographers in fashion are something to be admired. It looks like we've got a lot to expect from our boy Harry.

Kim On Sliver

By bejealous bejealous 5 months ago 284 Views No comments

We're all over this metallic trend guys don't worry, we got your back!! As we launch into Autumn (where the heck has this gone year fyi?) We're loving spotting everything that shines and shimmers, we see it on our own website, on the street and on the red carpet. So we were super happy when we spotted Kim in this strapless gun metal metallic number and we totally nailed the fabric with our version! Dana Shiny Mesh Insert Dress for an amazing £15.99. We'll take that for sneaking this trend into our wardrobes, and we totally think you should too!

Shine bright like a diamond

By bejealous bejealous 5 months ago 298 Views No comments

Metallics are going nowhere honey, shoes, chokers, bags, accessories, skirts, tops and dresses. This is one trend we're investing in to really turn heads when we walk in a room! Felder Felder showed us a wicked way of styling up sliver metallic and that is something we can totally handle for the coming seasons. We can't get enough of our Jelena Shiny top, such a subtle way to kick this trend into action in your wardrobe. Wake up, spice up, up-up any pair of jeans, tuck into a cute black skirt, team with wet-look trousers for a super chic night out look. We know as soon as you try this one you'll fall in love.

Anything they can do...

By Bejealous 5 months ago 276 Views No comments

... We can do better! Topshop unique show is something to stand in awe and watch!! And hella yes we were feeling the 80's, as were we all over fashion week this year, but the were a few stand out pieces that we think, our gorgeous Bejealous gals are going to want that, so what we're done for you is put our amazing and bang on trend versions here for you, without the eye watering price tag!

Top Tux

By bejealous bejealous 6 months ago 250 Views No comments

The whole idea of embodying men's style has been around for ages, androgynous looks can earn you some serious style points. But what if you want to keep it ultra sexy and feminine? Well we think DKNY SS17 have nailed it, inside out! We've taken inspiration from this emerging trend to bring you our Trisha dress. Re create catwalk worthy style, add some killer strappy heels or thigh high boots and off you strut!! We feel like we need to add, with this trend, less is definitely more, let the dress do all the talking and keep accessorise to a minimum... add that dark lip and you'll look like you've literally fallen off the catwalk!

Velvet Volume

By bejealous bejealous 6 months ago 229 Views No comments

See! We told you velvet was amazing! The fact it's here to stay for SS17 has got us jumping for joy! Sometimes velvet has a sigma for being a heavy winter fabric, be we love that fact that VB had included it in her new season collection, proof that velvet is totally appropriate for any time of year. We'll be combining a couple trends by wearing this cheeky number this weekend, the jacqueline velvet bardot dress is hitting all the right notes for any weekend antics and plans. We'll always look after you here at Bejealous!

Sheer Brilliance

By bejealous bejealous 6 months ago 254 Views No comments

You guys know that we love bodysuits here at Bejealous, with trousers or skirts they look amazing. But we've decided that if wearing them in pure form a la Alexander Wang, is good enough for the catwalk, it's good enough for us too! Check out some of our wicked styles that take a nod to some of the beautiful sheer lace and net fabrics he used in his collection. Now of course we know this isn't an everyday look, but we all have an ethos here that we should treat everyday like our last and grab life by the reigns... now we just need to find a sunset to ride off into whilst we look super hot in a Bejealous Bodysuit!

Come Behind The Scenes...

By bejealous bejealous 6 months ago 398 Views No comments

We know you guys are dying to sit in on a shoot day with us, so we've gone all out and we're going to be doing a behind the scenes feature for your eyes only! Watch this space to keep up-to-date with the latest gossip and what we're up too here at Bejealous Towers...

Ri Ri-eeeeeally comfy...

By bejealous bejealous 6 months ago 412 Views No comments

Only our gal Ri-Ri could look this beautiful in her comfy Trap Star sweats, and we think you could look even more gorge in our Susan Tracksuit. Great for running errands like the songstress, look casual cool when you're super busy, and feel all the comfort benefits of a Netflix and Chill sesh! Life Goals!!