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6 Signs You're Addicted to Online Shopping

6 Signs You're Addicted to Online Shopping

July 11, 2018

    I think in this day and age, most people prefer getting the latest fashion trends online rather than old school, in-store shopping. No long queues to wait in, no searching for your size and no trying on clothes in the unflattering lighting of sweaty changing rooms. Basically, no hassle and no drama.
    You can simply sit at home in your pj's, hair up, no make-up on and munching on a slice of pizza (or entire pizza - no one will judge you here don't worry). Get next day delivery and you're good to go with a new outfit for your bestie's birthday this weekend! 
    However, us girls know more than anyone that online shopping can turn into an obsession. We're Be jealous and we're addicted to online shopping. I mean fashion, clothes and accessories can turn up at your door the next day? What's not to love? It's like a gift from yourself to yourself. 

    1. You Get More Texts From Fashion Brands Than Off Your Friends

    You know you're an online shopping addict when you get more messages off your fave fashion brands than off your BFF. We'd rather get a text informing us about 50% off shoes than a drunk text off Jessica saying she saw her ex, dance with another girl. Sorry, we all think. We just said it. 

    2. You Don't Leave The House When a Delivery Is Due That Day

    There's nothing more annoying than paying extra for next-day delivery and having plans the following day when the order is due to arrive. Solution? Cancel all plans and watch Netflix in your onesie. Or in this weather, sunbathe and dream of how much you'll slay in that new dress you've got coming your way. 

    3. You're Constantly on the Gram Stalking Girl's Outfits

    We are all 100% guilty of this. Flagging your style icons latest photo on Insta then getting your stalk on to try and find out where it's from. If 80% of the accounts you follow are fashion and beauty then I'm sorry you have a problem. In our opinion, it's a very could problem to have. There are worse addictions. 

    4. You Never Have Anything To Wear

    I feel that every girl goes through this pain. Your wardrobe is bursting with clothes, (guilty of some still having the labels in), but you still have nothing to wear. That night out is looming and you feel like sh*t is everything you put on. 

    Then you see that Be Jealous is doing a free next day delivery code and you suddenly see light at the end of the tunnel. 

    5. You'd Rather Not Eat and Spend Money on Clothes Instead

    We're currently experiencing this at the moment. Payday is close but not close enough which means it's time to sort out our finances and what classes as a necessity to spend our dollar on. AKA, it's time to cut out food and live off beans on toast in order to save for that really cute bag you've had 'saved' in your wishlist for a month.

    6. You Class Scrolling Through Pages of Clothes on Your Phone as a Sport

    Let's be honest, if you aren't on Insta, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or Youtube, you are guaranteed to be scrolling through your fave fashion brands app/online store.  


    Not to encourage you all but a bunch of new clothes have just dropped on our website. So shop now? 






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