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Get your Glow on - 80’s Women’s Fashion & Glow Season 2

June 27, 2018

The 80’s… what exactly is all the fuss about? The music, films and now fashion. We just can’t seem to get enough. From Netflix’s Stranger Things to the soon to be releases Glow season 2, there is a fascination at the moment with all things 80’s related. 


For anyone who actually lived in the 80’s there was definitely something special going on. Ghostbusters, roller-skating, leg-warmers, Flashdance, Space Invaders… the list is endless. But what about the fashion? 

Up until recently 80’s fashion was looked upon as being an embarrassment. Big hair, shoulder pads and Dynasty were cringe worthy.

Not anymore, you only have to look at the popularity of women's jumpsuits to see that there was definitely some good stuff to come out of the era (particularly for women’s fashion).

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So, what’s the reason? Firstly colour, the 80’s were bright & optimistic, colour was everywhere, even fluorescent colours were common in fashion. Also, there was an innocence about the time that people seem to like.

Remember this was pre-digital, there was no internet, no wifi, mobile phones (even pc’s were rare). People actually spent time together, if you wanted to talk to a friend you had either see them or call their landline/speak to their parents first… can you imagine?

It’s almost like everything was just a little bit more real, more colourful. 

Fashion has always been a great way of expressing ourselves, colourful prints, fun playsuits (in this heat denim shorts). More than anything the 80’s seemed like fun, and if there’s anything ladies fashion ought to be as much fun and dramatic as Glow’s latest season is!

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