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Summer Denim – Women’s Clothes

Summer Denim – Women’s Clothes

July 04, 2018

Denim, it’s come a long way… First produced in America in the 1900’s by Levi Strauss, a pair of skinny jeans is a staple item in any self-respecting fashionista’s wardrobe. Jeans can be dressed any which way you like (which is why we love them so much). Women’s online fashion sites (like Be Jealous) are full of a variety of great denim looks at the moment.

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Traditionally, denim was seen as ‘work wear’ it’s durable and long-lasting fabric gave it a reputation for being hardy. However, over the year’s jeans started to become more popular as a fashion item. Of course, the iconic Levi adverts in the 80’s had something to do with it (if you were about to remember them). If you’re too young check out the 1985 Nick Kamen Levis advert you’ll soon see why it caused such a fuss!


It’s safe to say denim will never go out of fashion. Denim jackets are perfect for throwing over a maxi dress on warm Summer nights. Skinny jeans are still going strong & denim skirts are perfect matched with sandals and a slogan t-shirt for day wear. With the office place becoming more dress down than dress up it’s also perfect if you do it right. If you need a smart/casual look for a meeting a pair of jeans with a crisp white shirt and nice jacket are perfect (for men or women). Recently Meghan Markle has pretty much nailed the look (before she became the Duchess of Sussex).


If you’re sick of floaty Summer dresses and fancy something a bit more ‘edgy’ check out this selection of denim at www.bejealous.com. Remember denim doesn’t just mean jeans. Denim skirts, dresses, shorts and dungarees are all on trend at the moment (even in this heat). If you’re looking for some inspo Pinterest has entire boards devoted to denim (as well as the usual influencers on Instagram showing their spin on it). Or you can visit the Be Jealous website and treat yourself to a pair of cheap skinny jeans!